Human First


Raising Arab and Jewish children – together

Early childhood education

Our early childhood education complex was established in 2010 by, Ihab Balha, an Arab Muslim, and Ora Balha, a Jewish Israeli, out of a personal need to provide education for their own children. Education that integrates two languages, religions and cultures, in a path of love.

What started with two children, in one small room 10 years ago, is now 120 children in 6 groups with a long waiting list in Jaffa and two classes in the Galilee.

A self-sufficient, truly growing evolutionary engine and community. Located in the heart of Jaffa, in an orchard of fruit trees, vegetable garden and a petting farm.

They created a kindergarten complex that raises humans, one Arab teacher, one Jewish teacher, two languages, all holidays, big heart.

RAISING THE NEXT GENERATION AS GLOBAL CITIZENS in an Arab and Jewish normalized environment - 1-6 years old.

  • bi-lingual education

  • multicultural

  • humaneness

  • people to people and people to earth

  • sustainability

The kindergarten serves both communities and constitutes as an example of joint action. The children and teachers play and sing in Hebrew and Arabic. We emphasis on the changing seasons that reflects the child's inner world.

Around the kindergarten a vibrant community of families and friends is growing and our teacher team continues to learn, develop and grow in a spirit of unity.

We are working towards establishing a school in the same spirit.

In the challenging reality in which we live, there is a growing call for education that emphasis humaneness. To our understanding, when you teach the child from a young age to look at the world from more than one perspectives, such as additional language, culture exc. this allows to accept the other rather than be afraid. It breaks the ignorance and fear between Arabs and Jews - this way we create a reality of peace for our children, that they will implement in there adult life. The educational approach in our kindergarten allows bridging between cultures and religions, and puts the emphasis on self-education - when we educate our children, we must first observe ourselves and start the change within.

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